Subject selection in the IB Programme

Pre-DP stu­dents choo­se their IB sub­jects in Ja­nu­a­ry. The gra­de point ave­ra­ge should be mi­ni­mum 8 in HL sub­jects and 7 in SL sub­jects by the end of the pre-DP year. In ad­di­ti­on, stu­dent’s mo­ti­va­ti­on is im­por­tant to be strong.

Pre-DP stu­dents choo­se from the fol­lo­wing:

Group 1

Fin­nish A Li­te­ra­tu­re: HL   SL
Eng­lish A Lan­gu­a­ge and li­te­ra­tu­re: HL   SL

Group 2

Swe­dish B: SL

Group 3

Eco­no­mics :  SL
His­to­ry: HL    SL

Group 4

Bi­o­lo­gy: HL   SL
Che­mist­ry: HL   SL
Phy­sics: HL   SL
Stu­dents may not choo­se both Bi­o­lo­gy and Phy­sics. If they need both, they may stu­dy the ot­her in the na­ti­o­nal prog­ram­me.

Group 5

Mat­he­ma­tics: HL   SL
Mat­he­ma­ti­cal Stu­dies:  SL

Group 6

Film stu­dies (Pa­mo­ja Edu­ca­ti­on, ext­ra fee): SL

Stu­dents choo­se 3 or 4 HL sub­jects and 2 or 3 SL sub­jects.

IB Stu­dy Gui­de13.6.2016