Requirements for transfer from IB1 to IB2

The stu­dent has to meet the fol­lo­wing re­qui­re­ments by the end of IB1 in or­der to be trans­fer­red from IB1 to IB2:

  1. the­re is no gra­de 1 in any sub­ject
  2. the­re is no gra­de 2 in any HL sub­ject
  3. the sum of the gra­des of the six IB sub­jects is at le­ast 24
  4. all IB as­sign­ments for IB1 have been comp­le­ted
  5. the stu­dent re­ta­kes a sub­ject with gra­de 1(HL,SL) or 2(HL) du­ring sum­mer va­ca­ti­on suc­cess­ful­ly
IB Stu­dy Gui­de13.6.2016