Service suggestions


With pe­op­le

Co­ac­hing child­ren in sports

De­li­ve­ring me­als to pe­op­le li­ving with a me­di­cal con­di­ti­on

Le­a­ding re­su­me-wri­ting works­hops for pe­op­le who are unemp­loy­ed

Or­ga­ni­zing or as­sis­ting at a blood dri­ve

Playing mu­sic with el­ders to have an exc­han­ge of skills and le­arn about each ot­her’s mu­sic pre­fe­ren­ces and ta­lents, and then per­for­ming as an en­semb­le for ot­hers

Dist­ri­bu­ting plants at a far­mer’s mar­ket to pro­mo­te home-grown con­tai­ner gar­dens

Ser­ving food at a soup kitc­hen

With the en­vi­ron­ment

Res­to­ring a stre­am

Pre­pa­ring the soil and beds for an ele­men­ta­ry school gar­den and plan­ting with the child­ren

Gro­wing seed­lings for dist­ri­bu­ti­on

Ins­tal­ling rai­sed-bed gar­dens for a se­ni­or cent­re

Es­tab­lis­hing a re­cyc­ling prog­ram­me at city hall

Ma­king a storm-wa­ter gar­den

Pic­king up trash

With ani­mals

Hel­ping at an ani­mal shel­ter with data ent­ry and dog-wal­king

As­sis­ting with a pet adop­ti­on out­re­ach prog­ram­me at com­mu­ni­ty events

Le­a­ding a work­shop on pet care

Set­ting up a turt­le sanc­tu­a­ry in part­ners­hip with a com­mu­ni­ty or­ga­ni­za­ti­on



With pe­op­le

As­semb­ling a pho­to ex­hi­bit about po­ver­ty for a gal­le­ry

Pre­pa­ring me­als in a soup kitc­hen

Ta­king part in a wal­kat­hon to rai­se mo­ney for hu­ma­ni­ta­ri­an cau­ses

Pre­pa­ring ac­ti­vi­ty kits for child­ren for an emer­gen­cy shel­ter

Wri­ting broc­hu­res for or­ga­ni­za­ti­ons

As­sis­ting with the cre­a­ti­on of a mu­seum ex­hi­bit

Ma­king exer­ci­se vi­de­os to give to ho­me­less shel­ters

Cre­a­ting a news­let­ter for a re­ti­re­ment com­mu­ni­ty

Re­cor­ding au­dio books for pe­op­le who are vi­su­al­ly im­pai­red



With the en­vi­ron­ment

Pre­pa­ring sig­na­ge for a lo­cal wet­land

Gro­wing seed­lings for dist­ri­bu­ti­on

Ini­ti­a­ting a school com­post to re­du­ce food was­te in land­fills

Cre­a­ting a web­si­te with in­for­ma­ti­on about flo­ra and fau­na for a lo­cal park

With ani­mals

Ma­king zoo toys for ani­mals

Col­lec­ting nee­ded supp­lies for a wild­li­fe res­cue cent­re

Ba­king dog bis­cuits for an ani­mal shel­ter

Ma­king co­lou­ring books on lo­cal en­dan­ge­red ani­mals for ele­men­ta­ry schools and for tou­rists with pro­tec­ti­on tips


With pe­op­le

Le­a­ding a town hall mee­ting on so­lar ener­gy

Or­ga­ni­zing a let­ter-wri­ting cam­paign for a cau­se

Hos­ting a spe­a­ker and film se­ries to rai­se awa­re­ness for the com­mu­ni­ty

Cre­a­ting co­mic strips or co­mic books to te­ach about emer­gen­cy sa­fe­ty and re­a­di­ness

Plan­ning a con­fe­ren­ce to rai­se awa­re­ness about edu­ca­ti­on equi­ty

With the en­vi­ron­ment

Pro­vi­ding reu­sab­le wa­ter bott­les to rep­la­ce sing­le-use wa­ter bott­les

Cre­a­ting pub­lic ser­vi­ce an­noun­ce­ments on ener­gy re­duc­ti­on in ho­mes

Or­ga­ni­zing a flash mob to te­ach about re­cyc­ling

Pro­mo­ting a “just use less” cam­paign to re­du­ce qu­an­ti­ties of what is put in trash and re­cyc­ling bins

With ani­mals

Ma­king be­ach signs to pro­tect lo­cal wa­ter­ways from rub­bish

Dres­sing as ani­mals at risk for a pub­lic event

Cre­a­ting pos­ters, vi­de­os and pub­lic ser­vi­ce an­noun­ce­ments to pro­mo­te ani­mal adop­ti­on for a shel­ter


With pe­op­le

As­sis­ting with a city-wide needs as­sess­ment by run­ning fo­cus groups

Con­duc­ting hands-on re­se­arch about how in­te­rac­ti­on imp­ro­ves qu­a­li­ty of life for re­si­dents at an el­der­ly care fa­ci­li­ty

Pre­pa­ring a pub­lic ser­vi­ce out­re­ach pro­cess to iden­ti­fy lo­cal ve­te­rans wil­ling to be in­ter­vie­wed, and then con­duc­ting the in­ter­views for an his­to­ri­cal so­cie­ty

Le­ar­ning about the his­to­ry of pe­op­le bu­ried in a ce­me­te­ry from the 1800s to sup­port a lo­cal mu­seum

Ob­ser­ving play ha­bits of child­ren in an orp­ha­na­ge or re­fu­gee cent­re to iden­ti­fy what skills are de­ve­lo­ped or need sup­port

With the en­vi­ron­ment

Using pho­tog­rap­hy to col­lect ima­ges that in­form about the first flush from a storm drain by your school

In­ter­vie­wing ad­mi­nist­ra­tors at lo­cal land­fills to le­arn about com­mu­ni­ty ha­bits that sup­port col­lec­ti­ons of trash to re­cyc­le and food was­te for com­pos­ting

Ana­ly­sing items col­lec­ted in a com­mu­ni­ty or be­ach cle­an-up to de­ve­lop a cam­paign (ad­vo­ca­cy ser­vi­ce) that pre­vents the items from being lit­te­red again

With ani­mals

Con­duc­ting a be­ha­vi­our stu­dy of zoo ani­mals or shel­ter ani­mals

Mo­ni­to­ring num­bers of stray ani­mals, com­bi­ning fin­dings with in­ter­views and sur­veys to de­ter­mi­ne opi­ni­ons of ad­vo­ca­tes, op­po­nents and the ge­ne­ral pub­lic, and of­fe­ring re­com­men­da­ti­ons to imp­ro­ve lo­cal po­li­cies

As­sis­ting with trac­king and mo­ni­to­ring of but­terf­ly mig­ra­to­ry paths

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